Patch Poll: What's Your Favorite Marion Hang-Out?

With all of Marion's bars and coffee shops, which one do you feel most comfortable hanging out in?

Sometimes you get sick of your home. Sometimes, your find yourself paying $4 for a coffee drink or $5 for a beer when you have a fridge full of both at home.

It also helps that going to these locales with friends means that, as far as society is concerned, you are "going out" and therefore "doing something." Not, "just reading and playing video games at home," or something like that.

In the competition, we have , , , , , Marion Bowl, , , , and .

You may think that comparing bars to coffee shops is like apples to oranges. You're right in one respect, but what you are voting for is not necessarily the best coffee or best selection of beers, but the quality of the items served plus the atmosphere  — how comfortable you feel.

Let the competition BEGIN.

Jo Pearson January 16, 2012 at 01:03 AM
Well, this was a tough choice. I can't help but hope the library wins, because frankly I think we have the best library in the state. However, as I work there, I may be biased. I also enjoy Mr Beans, it is my neighborhood coffee shop. However, the bottom line is, for me, Witte's End is where I go to escape from my busy workplace for a little rest and respite. It is always welcoming, I love the employ yes, especially Cathy, the decor is charming. I can't imagine a nicer place to spend some down time.


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