Best Locally Bought Fathers Day Gifts in Marion

Where can you get a good father's day gift in Marion? Read to find out.


One of the most insulting stereotypes perpetuation this country is that the American male somehow enjoys chocolate less than his female counterparts.

This is simply not true. Buy your father some hand made chocolates, like the ones offered at and he might look at you funny for a second, but once it hits him that he has his own personal supply of sweet and delicious, he’ll realize your gift is way more thoughtful than a box of tools.


There’s also a stereotype that paints men as sloppy, pizza guzzlers. This is true. The best way to eat a pizza is also the fastest way.

That's why I would suggest rewarding your father with the gift of Pizza. You can buy a gift card to in Marion online, here, and one for , here. That way, he can enjoy delicious pizza with the knowledge that you truly love him.


So, I’m not necessarily steering away from male stereotypes. Still, most men, and most women I’ve met, enjoy a good beer. For a good beer selection in Marion, I’d check out . Be sure to ask the store manager, Josh Ramsey, to recommend a beer, as he's an expert.


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