Marion Marriage Held in Giant Hole (For a Good Reason)

Benjamin High and Jessica Presler held their marriage on the foundation of what will become the new home of Philip's Diamond Shop and Urban_Vintage, the two businesses they now work at.

Jessica Presler became Jessica High in an unusually low place.

The newly minted Mrs. High of Marion, married Benjamin High, also of Marion, on Friday evening in a big hole, otherwise known as the foundation of the new Philip's building, currently under construction adjacent to the Walgreens in Uptown Marion.

Ben, the son of Philip of Philip's Diamond Shop and a jewelry designer there, met Jess, who owns and operates nearby Urban_Vintage Hair Studio, after Ben returned from living in Los Angeles. The pair then fell in love, and decided to get married, while meanwhile the plans for a new Philip's building were becoming a reality.

The pair are now invested in the future of the building and in Marion, as the new building will house Philip's Diamond Shop and Urban_Vintage. With their fates so closely entwined with that of the building, they decided why not get married on the foundation of the building where they will work together.

"Since we're going to be stuck together for the rest of our lives, we figured why not get married in a hole, which represents the foundation of both of our futures," Ben High said. "...Or, you know, starting in a hole?"

"Only up from there, only up from there!" Jessica High added, laughing.

This isn't the only Philip's date that will be associated with romance. Philip High says he hopes to open his new building on February 14, 2014, continuing the High family tradition of opening new jewelry stores on Valentine's Day that has gone back generations.


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