Opinions Fly on Motorcycle Safety, University Cuts,'Pink Slime' and Guns in School: Pick of the Patches

Patch readers have their say -- and lots of it -- on our top stories around Iowa. A Waukee scout leader pleads guilty of possessing child porn -- and wait till you read why a West Des Moines worker may be facing criminal charges.

The Patch community includes nine sites in Iowa. Here are some of what was shared on our Patches around the state over the past week.

What we really love about our communities is their involvement on Patch. And, boy, have our communities been involved.

When a Marion man was killed, Scott Raynor, Marion Patch local editor, asked whether more should be done to protect motorcyclists. The comments on that story haven't stopped since. .

As usual, news about cuts to Iowa's universities spurred attached to a story written by Cedar Falls Local Editor Alison Gowans. And commenters were in no short supply when Alison asked people how they felt about eating -- or not eating -- the beef that has been stuck with the unfortunate name, "pink slime." .

Over in Urbandale, guest editor Dana Boone wrote about an 8-year-old boy who took a pellet gun to school and about his mother, who allegedly tried to hide the gun from police. All kinds of concerned parents had something to say about that one. How should the child be punished? .

In Ames, there was big news on the sports and hometown-pride front, as reported by Local Editor Jessica Miller. The news: UNC basketball star and Ames native Harrison Barnes is headed to the NBA. Have anything to say to Barnes?

And it wouldn't be a week in Iowa without some kind of odd news coming to light. We'll let the headline on West Des Moines Patch speak for the story by Local Editor Beth Dalbey: . We can't say anymore about that than was said the first time around. (Read the story and you'll know why.)

In Iowa City, Local Editor Stephen Schmidt is teaming with our Cedar Falls and Marion Patches to form the Eastern Iowa Patch Book Club. This week, we're taking suggestions on what to read -- and why.

If you think the NCAA Tournament and March Madness creates some close competition, in Ankeny. The vote for best place to watch the game was so close that Local Editor Megan VerHelst had to go to a tie-breaker.

(While we're at it, thanks to all the businesses and all the voters taking part in our Readers' Choice polls across our Iowa Patches. Look for a new competition starting Monday.)

Over in Waukee, a sordid criminal case has come to an end -- except for the sentencing. Jonathan David Payne, a former Waukee Cub Scout leader and father of two, pleaded guilty of possessing child pornography, .

Yes, winter barely made it to Iowa, but that doesn't mean spring isn't in the air. Johnston Local Editor Ashlee Kieler proved it with .

Thanks, readers, for a great week of discussion and involvement in your community. We look forward to hearing from you again.


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