Weird Iowa: 'Aliens' Attack, Zombies Live and Who Got Beat Up by Steven Colbert

Iowa has no shortage of weird news. Here's some of it from around our Iowa Patches.

We begin this week in Urbandale, where an Urbandale trucker arrested for reckless driving in Nebraska was hanging out of her semi's window while driving and talking about aliens, according to a couple who risked their safety for 15 miles to get the woman to pull over. .

West Des Moines seems to have no shortage of, well, weirdness. We had one story on an alleged "belligerent" drunk who told police to hold on a few minutes before arresting her because she had to finish her beer. .

Then there was this from the Big WDM, a story of a West Des Moines man who for five years allegedly left raw meat, dolls and other trinkets on a neighbor’s property. Cops say they got him on film. .

We're not saying Iowa Rep. Steve King is weird, but comedian Steven Colbert apparently thinks so. He allowed himself the opportunity to "speculate wildly" in calling King, who would represent Ames if he wins election to the new Fourth District, the "perfect" choice to be vice president.

Also in Ames, police may not have thought much of a plastic cup flying out of the back of a Main Street bar. But when a 26-year-old man came stumbling after it, the cuffs came out. .

Iowa City, as we all know, can be disturbingly weird -- but sometimes it can be wonderfully weird, too. This week we told the story of Tina Gleeson Andino, who became a member -- voluntarily -- of the walking dead. .

Finally, if you think any part of Iowa is immune from Weird, consider the weather story from Johnston. Just how weirdly warm has the entire state been? .


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