Marion Arrests to Convictions: Is One Year Probation and Community Service Enough for Prostitution?

Marion Patch is following up on those arrested by the Marion Police Department months ago.

When a crime is truly shocking, strange, important or even amusing, we'll often cover it as it moves through the legal system, but the vast majority of charges reported in our blotters are never written about again. 

What happens to those charges? Do those arrested get convicted? If not, what kind of sentence did they get?

Marion Patch has followed up on the below arrests made in our first blotter, back in October 2011, to begin to take a look at how crime in Marion is handled on the latter end of crime and punishment.

Let us know what you think of the convictions these men are facing in the comments below.

Name: Donald Lee Wedewer, 54, from Earlville.

Charge: Prostitution.

Conviction: Prostitution.

What he got: One year probation and 20 hours of community service.


Name: Michael Robert Schlegel, 38, from Cedar Rapids.

Arrest: Possession of a synthetic cannabinoid and driving with a suspended license and registration and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Conviction: Possession of a controlled substance, the possession of drug paraphernalia charge was dropped as was the driving with a suspended license charge.

What he got: One year of probation.

Name: Mitchell Jaye Gasper, from Cedar Rapids.

Charge: Domestic abuse, simple, and harassment in the first degree.

Conviction: None yet. The trial date has been re-set for Aug 13. He has plead not guilty.


Name: David Albert Jackson, from Marion.

Charges: Violation of no contact order due to domestic abuse.

Conviction: Tresspass.

What he got: $65 fine.


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