Marion Police See Little Connection Between CR Kidnapping Attempt and Marion Incident

Marion Police said there's not enough evidence to suggest that the Cedar Rapids kidnapping attempt and an incident that occurred in Marion last week were perpetrated by the same individual.

Marion Police said there appears to be no connection to a recent Cedar Rapids kidnapping attempt and a strange incident that occurred in Marion last week.

Last week a white van approached a boy in Marion and asked him if he wanted candy. The man made no contact with the boy, who immediately drove away on his bike.

Lt. Scott Elam said that with the evidence they have, there is little to connect the two incidents, aside from a white van being involved in both cases.

The Cedar Rapids incident occurred last Tuesday, late in the afternoon, when a father of a Cedar Rapids boy stopped a van with three riders from abducting the boy while he was on his bike.

Despite being no clear connection, Elam said the police department received numerous calls from residents who claimed to see a white van in their neighborhood.

If you have any information concerning either case, be sure to call Cedar Rapids Crimestoppers, at (319) 286-5439.


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