Updated: Marion Woman Gets OWI, Open Container Violation and Child Endangerment, Among Five Charges

The following information was provided by the Marion Police Department. Arrests do not indicate a conviction.


Marion Police have confirmed that a child endangement charge, in addition to an OWI and a few other charges, were given to 40-year-old Marion resident Amanda Jo Schadt becuase they allege that she was drinking in her car while driving her child.

Original Story:

Amanda Jo Schadt, a 40-year-old Marion resident, was charged May 15 with child endangerment; driving while drunk/drugged, first offense; not having proof of insurance; an open container violation; and fraudulent use of registration.

Schadt was arrested May 15 at 6:37 p.m. and was pulled over to the 300 block of Seventh Avenue. 

Stay tuned for updates on this case.

Also, between May 11 and May 17, six additional drivers were charged with an OWI.

Amanda Jo Schadt, 40, 1430 13th Avenue, Marion, was charged May 15 with child endangerment, drink while drunk/drugged, first offense, not having proof of insurance, an open container violation and fraudulent use of registration at the 300 block of Seventh Avenue.

Jeffrey Dean Blazek, 50, 3620 McGowan Boulevard, was charged May 12 with driving while drugged/intoxicated and speeding at the 4800 block of Highway 151.

Sam Hussein Aossy, 20, Cedar Rapids, was charged May 13 with driving while drunk/intoxicated, first offense, at the 3100 block of Highway 100.

Travis Randall Johnson, 39, 1060 Seventh Avenue, Marion, was charged May 14 with driving while drugged/drunk, first offense, driving with a suspended license, driving without registration, failure to use safety belts, driving on the wrong side of the highway and failure to obey a traffic control device, at the corner of 10th Avenue and 35th Street.

Jeffery Francis Hennessey, 52, 755 Alexis Lane, Marion, was charged May 14 with drying while drugged/drunk, first offense and failure to maintain control, at the 2900 block of Fourth Avenue.

Amanda Marie Eaton, 27, Swisher, was charged May 16 with driving while intoxicated/drugged, second offense, failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, speeding and failure to maintain registered plates, at the 1600 block of Blairs Ferry Road.


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