Police Investigating Whether Drugs or Alcohol Were Involved in Motorcycle Death

The Marion Police Department are awaiting toxicology test results on the SUV driver that struck and killed Marion resident Matt Dunkel.

 Lt. Doug Slagle said they're still waiting for toxicology reports for the driver that struck Marion resident Matthew Dunkel, who died at the scene of a motorcycle accident last Saturday.

Toxicology reports often take days, if not longer to complete. They can show the presence of alcohol or drugs in blood and urine.

Lt. Slagle said investigators are trying to determine whether or not the driver was distracted when the accident occurred.

The incident took place last Saturday, when Dunkel was killed on a motorcycle on Highway 13. He was struck by a green sports utility vehicle that pulled out from Hennessey Parkway.

He died at the scene. According to reports from the Marion Police Department, his female passenger and girlfriend Tami M. Mysak, 51, of Springville, sustained serious injuries. She remains hospitalized as late as of last Monday.

Lt. Slagle said the family has requested not to release the name of the hospital where she is recovering.


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