UPDATE: Banana Thief Peels Out Into Hy-Vee Manager

Marion Patch received new information on the 65-year-old Marion woman charged with simple assault and fifth degree theft.

When the Iowa Patch regional editor saw this Monday's Marion Patch headline, "," he told me, "There's a story there."

He was right.

I called Marion Police Chief Harry Daugherty and asked him what had happened. He said the alleged incident went like this.

"A lady — gosh she was born 1946 — had taken some bananas from the () and put them in her purse and wasn’t going to pay for them, bottom line."

Daugherty went on to explain that the manager had noticed the woman's banana grabbing and followed her to her car. He stood behind her parked car and wrote down her license plate number, but then she hit him with her car and drove away.

Marion Police caught up with 65-year-old Joyce Leah Lindemann at her Marion residence, where she was charged with fifth degree theft and simple assault.


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