Oops: Woman Votes Twice in Marion, Turns Herself in for Voter Fraud

Auditor Joe Miller reported a rare instance of voter fraud to the Linn County Sheriff.

Linn County Auditor Joel Miller said he just reported an instance of voter fraud to the Linn County Sherrif. 

He said voter fraud is rare in Linn County. More rare still, is that the voter, who attempted to vote this morning after casting an absentee ballot, reported herself for the wrong-doing.

"I am not going to comment why she did it," Miller said. "I don't know the person. I just know it occurred."

Today's election is drawing attention from around the state, and even the nation, because of the race for the local state senate seat, which has much broader implications.

The District 18 race -- Democrat Liz Mathis or Republican Cindy Golding -- could turn the tide on hot-button issues, such as gay marriage and worker rights in Iowa, and it may offer a glimpse at the political climate heading into the 2012 election.

The mayoral race, several city council seats and a ballot initiative to expand the water board are also up for grabs today.

Have you voted today?


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