Video of Iowa City Bachmann Stop Captures Gay Robot, Occupy Iowa City Mic Check, Bachmann Filming Promo Video

Here are five videos shot during GOP presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann's stop in Iowa City last week.

Patch previously reported on Michele Bachmann at the in Iowa City on Dec. 22.

Take a look at some of the raw video we captured during the event. Space was tight and the crowd raucous, so please forgive the shaky camera work.

One video captures the "gay robot" bumping into a Bachmann security staff member and then exchanging words. An unidentified person states that it appears the robot, who declined to give his name, won't be allowed in. The robot in fact, did enter the event, albeit briefly.

A second video captures a rough image and sound of the robot's disruption. "You are a robophobe," he tells Bachmann as he is being booed and then asked to leave.

The robot left peacefully.

Another video captures Occupy Iowa City protesters chanting, "You're not wanted here, so go, just go!" The chant went on the duration of the Minnesota Congresswoman's visit. In the video, you can hear music getting blasted to drown out the protesters in the background. Hamburg staff said the Bachmann campaign brought in their own music and refused to turn it off when asked by staff.

A fourth video captures Bachmann meeting some young supporters who attended the event, and wishing everyone a merry Christmas.

The final video features Bachmann by her campaign bus as she gets ready to depart. Just before leaving she films a campaign commercial, which is captured on the video.


randy crawford December 28, 2011 at 10:45 AM
Did this spaceman RoboHomo come wanting to Occupy Iowa City or wanting to Occupy Uranus? Come to think of it, there isn't much difference between Iowa City and Uranus anyway.


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