Iowa GOP Candidate Quits Senate Race to Become Senator of Alternative Government

Randi Shannon, who was the official Republican candidate on the ballot for Iowa Senate District 34, thanked her fellow Ron Paul supporters in announcing she's left the race to become a senator with the "original government."

Marion, IA - For months, Randi Shannon has been campaigning in an important Iowa Senate race, telling people why as the GOP-preferred candidate she's a better choice than Democratic incumbent Liz Mathis to represent Linn County's District 34.

She is now not arguing not only that she was the better candidate, but that she has found a better government, dropping out of the race to become "senator" for the "Republic of the United States."

A businesswoman who owns Iowa Auto Glass among more than a dozen other businesses, according to Shannon, she could not bring herself to work for "the corporation," as she describes the current legal status of the U.S. government, the one most people are familiar with.

"I don’t see running for state senate in the way that I have been doing it is going to make a great change," she said.

In a four-page letter announcing her withdrawl Friday, Shannon thanked, "my fellow Ron Paul for President Supporters, My Fellow Members of Liberty, My Friends who home school as did I, the many Pro-Life Members," and more.

Her letter describes the Republic as an "original government," and it certainly is that.

Recently, she said, it passed its own "law" stating that life begins at conception.

The race, as all Iowa Senate races are, is important, primarily because Democrats hold only a two seat lead in the state's upper chamber.

In a news release provided to Patch, Shannon refers to herself as "Senator Randi Shannon" of the "Republic for Iowa, Republic of the United States of America."

She said she became aware of this government from friends and political contacts, but was only convinced after meeting several higher ups in an unofficial meeting in Atlanta about a month ago.

"Trust me this story does not end here nor does my commitment," she . "In fact, my level of service to the good people of Iowa who have been so supportive of me and my campaign will be greatly increased."

Original Government?

The U.S. Government officially incorporated as a company right before the passing of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, Shannon says.

If you remember from history class, the 14th Amendment famously established the equal protection clause, which establishes the validity of debt incurred by the U.S. and outlined the incorporation clause, which establishes that the Bill of Rights be used on the state level, in addition to the national level.

Two years ago a group of "fed up" people formed the Republic of the United States of America and began what she describes as the legitmate and original constitutional government, which she refers to as "the republic."

She said the republic gains it's legitmacy from the U.S. Constitution and that it has been recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court in the past. She added that the the U.S. House of Representatives were made aware of the reinhabitation of the government in 2010.

New Senator

Shannon said she's excited for her position with the republic and will be one of two Iowa senators, four house members, a judge and several police officers that act as "American rangers."

She said the republic has already enacted legislation that declares life beginning at conception in addition to legislation she said she's already voted for — establishing the aforementioned rangers.

Since what she calls the "corporation government" has enacted unconstitutional laws, the republic has constitutional enforcement officers, that you can call if you are pulled over for anything but a felony charge or for injuring someone else.

Shannon said the ranger would inform the police officer that they were violating their oath, at which point Shannon said the officer would have to comply.

When asked if she believes that a Cedar Rapids Police officer would listen to an American ranger, she had this to say:

"I do believe that they would listen to them because they know the law," she said.

Senate District 34 Race

Now that she's out of the race, the Linn County Republicans have to choose another candidate for the November election against Mathis.

Linn County Republican Chair Steve Armstrong said he was previously unaware of Shannon’s plans to drop out of the race. He said the party will likely work on a new nomination at the upcoming Linn County Republican Central Committee meeting next Tuesday.

"We'll make an effort for someone else to run for that slot and we'll get together with the community," he said.

When asked what she would say to disappointed Republican voters, Shannon said she's confident that she's found the right government, suggesting they call her or check out these YouTube videos.

"I would say that if they do their research, what we have was the real deal," she said, referring to the time period before the 14th Amendment. "What we have now isn't the real deal."

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Jeff Klinzman July 13, 2012 at 06:30 PM
Greg, the Republic of Iowa don't need to respect no steenkin' First Amendment. You are being seditious by criticizing our glorious Senator Shannon. I only have to send in two more boxtops, and I'm an American Ranger with the duly vested power to arrest you...
Richard Freespirit Semancik July 16, 2012 at 07:07 PM
The Republic is a constitutionalist government, what's wrong with that? Are none of you educated? They made propaganda LEGAL people.T hey being the true nut jobs in office right now. If you get your news from fox or cnn or anything mainstream you are being severely brainwashed. From what I gather, the posts from this group of people thinks that people who stick up for and believe in our constitution are nut jobs? Is there no hope left for intelligence and the urge to seek the truth? How can you sit there and compare unicorns to fighting for freedom? Looks like you're all drinking the drugged tap water and eating the genetically modified foods from monsanto, not to mention the chemicals they are flooding the skies with. All which are meant to dumb people down and make them submissive, it seems to be working on you all, and you people will be the first ones in the Fema camps that are all over the U.S. when the poop hits the fan. Please, ANYBODY, challenge me! The truth prevails EVERY SINGLE TIME!
EnderW July 16, 2012 at 10:16 PM
Alternative Government? We are talking about a Terrorist group. http://www.splcenter.org/get-informed/intelligence-report/browse-all-issues/2012/summer/sins-of-the-sovereigns
EnderW July 16, 2012 at 11:17 PM
dude, can you at least be original? that's the same cut and paste you posted to theiowarepublican. You just completely caricatured the first chapter of: http://www.amazon.com/The-New-... Might I suggest taking advantage of the Governor's reorganization of the Mental Health services? The medication isn't trying to poison you, it is simply trying to put your chemical imbalance in order.
EnderW July 16, 2012 at 11:21 PM
"The next sovereign to die in a confrontation with law enforcement was one of RuSA’s own. William Foust, a prominent businessman in Page, Ariz., and a RuSA “ambassador,” was shot and killed on June 20, 2011, by a police officer responding to a domestic violence complaint. According to the police report, Foust lunged for the officer’s Taser. But within the echo chamber of the sovereign underground, the story was spun to paint Foust as the first victim in the coming confrontation with Washington — the target of federal assassins, Turner claimed." Interesting that she claims to have been beat up by her husband, but she supports this group....


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