Candidate for Marion Area State Senate Seat Lives Outside the District

Randi Shannon, the Republican candidate for Iowa Senate District 34, said she does not live in the district, but is in negotiations on a house right now.

If the election for Iowa State Senate District 34 were held tomorrow, Republican candidate would not be eligible to win.

Shannon, 44, currently lives outside the district she is campaigning to represent, which would make her an ineligible candidate under state law. Not to worry. Shannon said she is currently in the negotiation phase of buying a home in Marion.

"I’m following the letter of the law to make sure I am within the district prior to the 60 days before the election," Shannon said.

Shannon is challenging , a Democrat from Robins. 

Shannon currently lives in North Liberty and works on the northeast side of Cedar Rapids. She owns Iowa Auto Glass. Marion is at the center of District 34, which also includes Hiawatha, Ely, Robins, Bertram and parts of northeast Cedar Rapids.

Iowa law requires Iowa Senate candidates reside in their district at least 60 days before the date of the election. The election is in November. 

In a with Marion Patch, Shannon stated that, while she is not ignorant of Marion or the larger district's issues, like Marion's poor roads and expensive commercial property tax, she said she needs to "find out" more about key issues.

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mark April 07, 2012 at 09:21 PM
… So she's moving here from North Liberty. Why? Because she just wants to be a state senator? If this seat was in another district would she just go to that one? Does she even care about this district? Also, why does it say "Marion Business woman" in her press release when she's not one? This is outrageous. Now I know what Ron Paul was saying when he said that the dirt happens in small government and finds its way to bigger government.
William April 18, 2012 at 05:05 PM
Randi owns the auto glass biz off 1st ave in CR; it's not like she lives in France...


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