No More Dirty Dancing: Linn-Mar Outlaws 'Grinding' at High School Dances

The Linn-Mar School District has updated the high school's handbook on dancing. It outlines very specifically, and in some cases graphically, what is not allowed.

students have some new rules in this year's student handbook that go into great detail about what is not allowed at school dances.

The school bans grinding, which it defines as "a student dancing in front of another student with their body pressed into his/her crotch," in addition to simulating sex acts and "bending over in front of another individual."

The handbook provides these bullet points as guidelines for inappropriate dancing behavior:

  • Hands on floor or knees while in front of another individual

  • Bending over in front of another individual

  • Simulation of a sex act

  • Dresses being pulled up

  • Inappropriate hand placement

  • Inappropriate skin showing: Midriff, backside, chest, etc.

The handbook also prescribes punishment for dance or dress infractions as well, advising that students be asked to leave the dance, in addition to the possibility of being banned from further dances.

You can find the full description with the PDF to your right. The dance expectations entry is on the third page, highlighted in red.

B.A. Morelli September 12, 2012 at 09:52 PM
Do you think these rules are necessary?
Hopeful Parent October 07, 2012 at 11:14 AM
Let me think, are these rules necessary? Well, I dunno, have you seen the welfare rate for unmarried teen mothers? Oh wait, maybe you make too much money to pay taxes, and be concerned about the teen pregnancy problem, that our taxes pay dearly for every year. Oh and lets just pat the date rapist's on the head and give them all the excuse of a ,"Repressed" childhood trauma, and then turn our head as they "Act out" in our school systems and put every respectably disciplined child at risk for a date rape, or even worse an unscheduled death due to actions that could have been prevented if there were stronger rules in place to guide our young people. I rarely post comments on these stories, However, Mr Morelli I was so totally incensed at your inability to grasp the most basic understanding of how morality is taught, fostered, and given as an example to our society's young, (as I'm seething at your lack of moral correctness, I realize you do not have children, or at least you do not have any that have been linked via DNA test to you, and i hope that you never do with an attitude like that.), I am assuming that the first defense you will come out with is , "Well, morals should be taught at home." , astonishingly I agree with you, ON THAT point alone, yet sadly I belive that is where your defense of your position ends. We cannot expect our children to be morally conscious adults without living the example. And this requires rules like these. Here Here, Linn-Mar High School !
Parent of Well Rounded Kids March 26, 2013 at 07:47 PM
WOW Chicken Little, pardon me Hopefull Parent get much sleep at night? How kind of you to worry about my children and how their raised, but its none of your business. And its really none of the schools, Big Brother is already in our lives too much and now your granting the school district the power to police our children in a non school environment. Ill teach my children the difference between right and wrong and you teach your children to bow to conformity and unnecessary infringment of personal views, rights and freedoms and we'll see who's children are well adjusted, happy and successfull in 20 years.


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